It can be hard to decide what clothes to wear for a successful professional photoshoot.

As a multimedia company, we understand this, and are always on hand to advise our clients on the best clothing to wear.

We have put together a few helpful tips which should give you an idea of the clothing style that is right for a professional photoshoot.

What is the aim of clothing in a professional photoshoot?

The clothes that are worn during a photoshoot are intended to make the subject the main focus of the image. They should also be flattering to the subject, whilst ensuring that no attention is detracted from them.

Clothes should not be an issue in a photograph – if comments are made about the subject’s outfit once the photo has been completed, the image has not achieved its objective.

What kind of clothing isn’t appropriate?

Any type of clothing that is so eye catching that it draws attention away from the subject should not be worn. As well as this, clothing that will not flatter the subject’s body type is not appropriate as it could potentially make them unhappy with the final photograph.

So, what kind of clothing should you be looking to wear for a professional photoshoot?

Solid Coloured Clothing- Choose clothes that are a consistent colour, instead of patterned clothing. Avoid stripes, floral patterns and glitter. This will ensure that no attention is detracted from you.

Muted, subdues tones- Ensure that the colours of your clothes are not too vivid. Choose subtle colours that again, will make sure not to take focus away from the subject.

Choose similar tones for top and bottom- Wearing drastically different colours on your top and bottom halves will contribute to drawing focus away from you. Choose to wear either a light top and light bottoms or a dark top and dark bottoms. Don’t mix and match.

Choose 1-3 colours for group portraits- If there is more than one person in the picture, make sure that all outfits are colour coordinated so they don’t clash with each other. As well, having too many different colours in the picture will take attention away from the people. Stick to having 1-3 colours of outfits featured in the photograph, and choose colours that will compliment each other.

  1. Wear a top with sleeves at least elbow length- Too much exposed skin will not look good in a photograph. Try to find a top that has sleeves at least to your elbows, this will be flattering and it will blend into the picture.
  2. Wear long bottoms- If you are wearing trousers, ensure that they are long because again, too much exposed skin will not look good in the photograph. Skirts should come down below the knees for the same reason.
  3. Choose dark footwear- Wearing dark coloured socks and shoes that don’t draw attention to themselves will look much better then brightly coloured footwear would.
  4. Keep jewellery simple- Keep it simple and minimalistic. This way it definitely will not stand out.
  5. Style hair normally- It may be tempting to try out a new style that you think will make you look a lot better in a photograph, but in reality it will make you feel more uncomfortable. It is best to wear your hair in a style that you are used to, so you will feel more yourself in front of a camera. If you are planning on getting your hair cut or styled, ensure you do it at least 2 weeks before the photoshoot so you have time to get used to the change.
  6. Make sure clothing fits- This might sound obvious, but make sure that your clothing fits you well and flatters you. If wearing leggings or tights, check for holes, and make sure none of your clothes have lint on them. You want to look your best in the photograph.
  7. Bring a few different options- Depending on what the photographs will be used for, you may find it useful to bring some different outfit choices. You could need different clothes depending on the weather or across different locations. Even if you don’t think you’ll need an outfit change, it is always best to be prepared.
  8. Think about the location- Obviously you would wear different clothing to a beach than you would at a ski slope. Consider what outfits are appropriate for the locations you know you will be shooting in.

Of course there are exceptions to these tips, for example if you are a stage performer you might be looking for a picture which reflects your career, and that would break most of the above rules!

 Be yourself

Perhaps the most important tip is to dress similarly to how you would normally. A professional photoshoot is not the right time to try on a new outfit that you have never worn before. The more comfortable and confident you feel, the better the image will turn out.