With this option we can present your business story with your own, your clients or crew members. This is a great way to show your wonderful service or product with high quality visuals.

You can find more video business card samples on our YouTube page:

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Video Business Card Design Agency

The video business card drastically changes how you shop, hope and communicate with your audience. With the video business card, you can easily share critical business information from any device without contact. You can personalize and change your data at any time.

You can have quick access and easy sharing to your video business card from any device. Send your video business card via QR Code or email, SMS, WhatsApp etc., via a unique link. Simplify the creative process and reduce your costs.


Video Business Card is An Effective and Intuitive Marketing Tool

Enhance your digital communication channels and ensure your exchanges are flourishing. You can monitor the performance of your business card. This allows you to see important details such as an advanced statistics dashboard, visitor location, VCF downloads, visits, clicks and more.

With the contact switching functionality, you can let your recipients save your information directly to their devices and share their contact information with you. You can easily view and manage the collected leads and transfer them to your favourites.

New Generation Video Business Card

You can also increase the commercial effect of your business card with the video business card. These allow you to present your activity or skills through a video. At a time when business cards often fall into the bottom of the wallet, the video card offers you the opportunity to make yourself noticed while creating a surprise.

Make a difference to your competitors by making an impact during your meetings!

You Can Expand Your Network With The Digital Video Business Card

You must be proactive in developing your professional network. Don’t wait any longer for your potential customers to save your information!

Offer a perfect solution with the video business card that provides instant and fast backup of important information about yourself, your company or activities.

We Designed For Business

Ananas Media offers contactless video business cards that you can easily share with your potential customers in face-to-face meetings, video conferences, or other occasions.

You can actively gather potential customers through the contact exchange feature on your video business card. You can view, manage and export the leads you have collected in VCF or CSV format.

You can easily import leads to your favourite device or your company’s CRM. Monitor your company’s search efforts with the advanced statistics dashboard. View the performance of each business card, visitor location, VCF download and more.

Why Video Business Card?

The video business card is a perfect promotional tool and a communication document that you should not miss.

These features make it easy to communicate with customers you meet daily. This practical business card allows you to quickly find and easily store a person’s contact information.

Advantages of Video Business Card

The disadvantage of the paper business card is that it cannot quickly adapt to change. With the slightest typo or a change to one or more of the pieces of information, you have to start over and reprint everything.

The classic business card requires time, money and paper! Also, in an increasingly ecological and nature-conscious society, having paper business cards that risk falling into the trash or at the bottom of a bag is incompatible.

When you change your professional activity with the video business card, you no longer have to throw away your boxes of paper business cards and reprint the news. Adopting this digital business card means saving millions of trees each year and being responsible for the survival of our planet.

However, in the case of professional retraining, it’s easier to update professional contact information with the video business card. You only need to make a few settings to correct it. It’s no longer necessary to order new cards and adhere to the minimum number to be printed. Consequently, digital business cards make it possible to reduce the ecological impact of economic activity.

London Video Business Card

Unlike traditional business cards that you can hand out every day, we recommend using the video business card for important events to your career or business. For example, you might distribute it during large meetings with leads or critical accounts, professional talks, or during a trade show around your sector of activity. If you can’t physically meet with potential customers, contacts in London, consider a mailing solution as well. This type of card allows the recipient to learn more about you.

Our excellent design offers you three significant advantages in terms of communication:

  • Authenticity: Between physical and virtual cards, the video business card is a medium that knows how to differentiate. An unusual choice of format for your card sets you apart and makes the delivery moment a fun and surprising one.
  • Creativity: This card allows you to be even more creative as you can tap into the potential of video and audio, as well as text and images.
  • Virality: If they find your original card, your potential customers will likely show it around. This will be enough to benefit from additional visibility effortlessly!
What is A Video Business Card?

A video business card is a specific video screen that is slightly larger than a regular business card. However, it also requires an interior pocket to hold.

What is A Virtual Business Card?

Virtual business cards are simply the electronic form of paper business cards that you share on your smartphone. With virtual business cards, you can really upgrade your network and have analytics to track your visit and clicks.

How Do You Make A Video Business Card?

Just contact us for a video business card! As soon as you contact us, we will deliver your unique video business card in a short time.

Why Do You Need A Video Business Card?

The most significant advantage of video business cards is that you can store as much information as you want in one place. Unlike traditional paper cards, you don’t lack space in them either.

How Much is A Video Business Card?

Video business card cost depends on the request and materials chosen. You can contact us for the price.