This package is for companies who wants to promoto their business on social media. These videos  are the most effective tool to build the audience. They will help you to grow your sales and brand aweranes.

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Social Media Videos Shooting

Today, many users prefer visual and audio content. So it’s no surprise that social media videos have become so popular. Due to the fast pace of life, people like seeing and hearing rather than reading.

Considering that being on digital platforms has become necessary for every company worthy of a name, many brands have noticed this trend and changed their formats. This way, they can advertise the company and what it offers. These are very important if you are also starting your e-business.

However, for them to be excellent advertising channels, it’s necessary to have a good strategy based on social media videos as the most requested content by users. Remember that everything should aim at consumer satisfaction.

Why is Video the Best Choice for Social Media?

Many will have wondered why video won the game against other types of content. The answer is intuitive!

Social media videos are simple, immediate and natural compared to long pages of text or images that are increasingly faked and retouched. Quality video content becomes the vehicle for a more direct and communicative message; it can attract and involve.

The primary purpose of social media videos is to increase engagement, resulting in as many views and shares as possible. You need dynamic and interactive content that engages the audience in the first person, making them feel part of a whole.

Social Media Video Types

Here are the types you can choose for social media videos:

Vertical Videos

Vertical videos twist traditional recording as they are usually shot horizontally. This trend has been on Instagram since 2018 and has become even more popular with the advent of IGTV. But this isn’t the only social network with this format: The TikTok platform also uses it as the preferred format.

So if your primary audience is watching Instagram or TikTok stories, you can use portrait orientation to make it pleasing to the eye. By the way, this also applies to Facebook Stories.

Professionally Edited Videos

Natural videos are common because their content is genuine. But you also need to create video materials, where you will make every detail with exemplary diligence.

You need to be careful with the videos you upload to social networks; it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a professional editor because we will help you.

Short Videos

Another feature of social networks is undoubtedly short videos. For example, on Instagram, you can only upload videos that are 60 seconds long in the feed. Even if you have to talk about short videos on digital platforms, you need to mention TikTok. Perhaps this is a challenge for brands but also a considerable advantage.

Remember that you face a world where users lead a fast pace of life.

For this reason, you can prefer short video content. As a brand, you need to think clearly about the message you want to convey in that short time. Your success in this social network will depend on it.

Creative Video

Of course, there is a lot of competition and demand in social media today. This makes it difficult to attract potential customers. Therefore, it’s essential to create innovative videos to grab users’ attention.

Vlog Shooting

Vlog, i.e. less structured corporate videos. The idea is to present the brand’s values, mission and vision to users to bring people together so they can better engage with your business. Previously these video materials were more fanciful, but now there is an emphasis on workers.

You can benefit from and display physical spaces and facilities, corporate culture, and your activities. This is the best way to humanize your brand, and that’s what the consumers of this time want to see.

Snack Videos Shooting

They’re short video content, but in this case, ads that appear on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. These are snack ads. This is because they take 10 seconds or less. The idea is the same: Attract users’ attention in no time!

Hyper Customization Shooting

Giving users precisely what they want is part of the success of many brands. Therefore, if you’re going to join them, you need to work with the hyper-personalization of video marketing on social networks. It is one of the trends that will become popular in 2022.

You have many options for working on your social media video marketing strategy. It’s up to you to choose the trend that best suits your brand. However, if your goal is to create a brand community, you can contact us immediately. We specialize in helping you communicate directly with your customers, less intrusive and more personalized through a personalized community.

London Social Media Videos Agency

Social media videos are an extraordinary world that continues to evolve. Social media videos are a powerful tool for creating compelling content, increasing customer leads and strengthening the brand. The important thing is to keep trying and researching the content users prefer. The world of social videos is constantly evolving, and if you want to get the most out of this valuable tool, you can reach out to our London-based company.

What is A Social Media Video?

Social media videos are a type of short video specially prepared to increase interaction in all social media and develop the customer portfolio.

Why Should You Use Video On Social Media?

Videos help you draw the attention of your potential customers to you instantly. Your success on social media lies in your ability to reduce your information to easily digestible content that is long enough to grab the attention of your potential customers but short enough to make your customers crave a little more.

Do Videos Get More Engagement On Social Media?

Your social media videos get more engagement than other types of content; they also leave a lasting impression on your potential customers.

How Much Do Social Media Videos Cost?

The cost of social media videos varies based on many factors, such as video type and length. For this, you can contact us immediately.

Do People Prefer Images or Videos?

People prefer videos much more. Videos also get much more engagement than images.