Promotional Video

This type of videos are ideal to show your business in the most cinematic way. It focuses on the attributes and benefits of the service or the product. This is an economic option to start with.

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Promotional video in your corporate communication is no longer a choice but a necessity. A corporate promotional video is dynamic, engaging and direct. The main goal of these videos is to increase engagement by generating as many shares and views as possible.

For this reason, promotional videos must entice, involve and excite the viewer. You can use them on your site, for your YouTube channel, for social networks and whenever you need to tell about your company and services. There’re now many online offers of products and services, and it’s no longer enough to capture the user’s attention.

You need to approach the customer with direct communication, opening the doors of your business and putting your face on it by showing yourself to your customers without filters. With a video, you say everything better, tell true stories, close to reality.

How Can You Do It?

You can use a more institutional and technical style or a more outgoing and gritty one; you can use just music or add a voice-over. In any case, don’t worry, we will choose together the one that is closest to your business sector to perfect your communication.

What Can You Promote With A Promotional Video?

A promotional video about your reality as an actual company presentation can have different forms. Most of our customers contact us precisely to make a corporate promotional video because they want to promote a new service and want to present it to their audience with a video:

  • All your products
  • App
  • The presentation of software or a new platform
  • The launch of a service

In these cases, a video is a handy tool. Try to think about your business and how difficult it’s sometimes to explain and promote it simultaneously. The explanation is often long and tedious, and advertising you never know how to do it.

By making a corporate promotional video with us, you will immediately have the following advantages:

  • Explain, through the use of images or graphics, all the features of your service
  • Simplify even very complex concepts
  • Attract the beholder’s attention and stand out from the competition be remembered to advertise.

Types of Promotional Video

An advertising or promotional video aims to promote a product and service differently depending on the type of message to be transmitted, the target audience or the business context. It helps present a company’s products and technical characteristics and is perfect for publishing on an e-commerce site or integrating into corporate marketing strategies.

It can be used to show the reality and the working context of a company and grasp its strengths, storytelling an event, to create a tutorial or explain a complex concept through images and animated infographics,

On social media, promotional videos are aimed at fun or entertainment to generate engagement and stimulate sharing and are used in Social Media Marketing actions.

Finally, the tourism sector describes a territory, location, or hotel in a particularly engaging way to ensure that the user already feels in that place.

Product Promotional Video

A well-curated product video can attract users’ attention more, improve the perception of the product and increase their trust in the company, rewarding it for providing a direct and transparent image of what it sells, stimulating people buying and thus optimizing conversions.

This kind of video can also be used as a support tool for purchasing a product on an e-commerce site, to guide the user or make the article’s presentation more appealing.

Company Promotional Video

The promotional video aims to present its values, mission, objectives and strengths that differentiate it from competitors. A real corporate video aimed at enhancing the company profile and the solidity of the brand through the proper editing, effects, soundtracks and other video techniques to emphasize the message that the company intends to convey to its audience.

Promotional Video Event

The promotional video of an event can tell about an event and present the company at a fair or event. This kind of video is the ideal tool to introduce the products and services of a company to a specific audience or to tell the reportage of the event you have made.

Animated Promotional Video

An animated promotional video is helpful in the case of company presentations, commercials, information, training courses, webinars or other supports to support your company communication.

It’s easier and more immediate to show data and statistics or explain concepts that are difficult to understand or convey meaning to a broader audience through animated images or video infographics.

London Promotional Video

Promotional videos are a great tool to stay in users’ memory and increase your sales. But what is often underestimated is increased brand awareness. You can attract your audience’s attention thanks to creating and disseminating promotional videos that we make professionally and carefully edit.

Making these videos may seem easy. But don’t take it lightly for a truly professional result. These videos have the specific purpose of bringing you a tangible impact. It’s also an excellent tool for working on personal branding.

Would you like your promotional videos to be created too? Contact our London-based firm today for a free quote, and we’ll put our experience and professionalism at your disposal, as well as the best programs and modern equipment to help you achieve the results you want.

What Do You Mean by Promotional Video?

A promotional video is a video that you will use to promote your marketing venture, sales, customers, and in short, your company to a large audience.

How Do You Make A Promotional Video?

Although there are many different online tools to prepare promotional videos, a professional study is of great importance. For this, you can contact us immediately.

Why Do You Need Promotional Video?

Promotional videos compared to flyers, texts or banners make your products much more enjoyable. This allows our potential customers to see your products differently and leaves a better impression.

How is A Promotional Video Used?

In short, it’s a film shoot that you can use to promote, highlight or heavily advertise your products thoroughly.

How Much Does It Cost To Do A Promotional Video?

You can contact us immediately for promotional video costs.