In simple terms, London digital agency is an advertising agency and a web agency that has evolved to meet the changing marketing needs in the digital age. Digital agencies combine graphic design and copywriting with new technologies or marketing techniques.

The development of the demand for communication on the Internet has determined the need for available services to realise online activities.

A web agency focuses its knowledge on the communicative dimension, while a digital agency adds the skills of a website. By organising the most suitable working group for the needs, they carry out studies of different nature by using internal or external sources.

What are the Main Services of London Digital Agency?

Let’s take a look at the key services of the London digital agency:

  • Design, development of websites and web portals even for complex projects
  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • Search engine marketing
  • Editorial plans and strategic content creation
  • SMS marketing
  • Online brand development and management
  • Media campaigns
  • Video
  • Mobile marketing
  • Email marketing

Growing a brand through digital channels requires a deep understanding of the medium and process. The advent of search engines and social networks has made the communication landscape fascinating and more complex. Successful brands benefit from interaction and provide added value to the consumer. The basic principles of brand strategy remain the same but are no longer the prerogative of traditional agencies.

Differences Between Web Agency and Digital Agency

The web agency only deals with the development aspect of a website. However, it neglects other services such as designing and developing a communication plan, social media marketing activities, email and SMS marketing, lead campaigns, video and podcast production, and their development and management.

Instead, all these services are run by a digital agency, which we can define as an upgrade, an enhanced version of a web agency.

Areas of Activity of the London Digital Agency

We understood the concept of digital agency and talked about its essential functions. We now propose to analyse in more detail what these agencies do.

While digital agencies have many features, some are more targeted. They choose one or two directions for themselves and work only in them. This allows you to reduce staff and do more uniform work. This means faster training in certain areas of Internet marketing. Let’s take a look at the areas where the London digital agency operates:

Branding: When a new brand is created, a visual requirement such as a name or identity is required. Meeting potential customers starts with these two elements with a new product on the market. Here, branding is the thing that is remembered most quickly. That is why many companies opt for catchy and even provocative names. They all work to get into the memory of as many people as possible.

Website development: The website is the face of the brand. It all starts with creating a strategy and goal for which the site is built. The site’s direction is also discussed, and a summary is prepared.

Design: Design is what makes a company recognisable. After all, we know that a bitten apple is ‘Apple,’ and the yellow letter ‘M’ is McDonald’s. London digital agency designs logos, select colours, and creates corporate fonts. They also develop a style on the pages of social networks.

Marketing: The London digital agency develops marketing strategies, determines the effectiveness of marketing tools previously used to promote the company, and looks for ways to increase conversion from sites, social networks and other channels.

SEO promotion: Digital agencies also participate in SEO promotion. They eliminate technical problems in the operation of sites, simplify their structure and increase search results. The last point in the work is quite troublesome.

While the results may not be immediately noticeable, it’s hard to overstate the importance of SEO promotion in the long run.

What are the Benefits of Working with a London Digital Agency?

London digital agency is highly specialised in quality solutions that suit your audience. Digital agencies manage clients’ programs for measurability metrics, making them perfect for direct marketing. This means that ideas that work get more investment. London digital agency offers a range of multidisciplinary solutions for every problem and provides professionalism for all client needs:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Online shopping
  • Subscription billing and distribution services etc.

Achieving the client’s goals requires strategic thinking, technical innovation, storytelling and an understanding of the brand building. As a London digital agency, we increase your recognition and get millions of people to know you.