If you receive service from us, how does the process work?

Here at london for ananasmedia, we continually harness our skills to become more equipped in providing your businesses the best web solutions available. At the end of the day, you can expect to utilize a reliable website, complete with functionalities which will increase your brand visibility online, as well as promote your product and services.

How Our Processes Work

Generally speaking, the process begins as you decide to work with us in creating the solutions perfect for your needs. Our professional team will contact you to obtain specific information regarding your requirements, especially in terms of layout and site structure. Some of our customers already have a laid out plan, complete with site logo, etc. However, if you are starting out from the ground, we will help you out.

Our collaboration may require us to sit down and decide on which colours you like, and the design you want to implement. After getting a good idea of what you really like, we will begin to work on the home page of your site. The Home Page is the most important page as it will set the theme and style for the rest of the other pages in your site.

After completing the Home Page, we will send you the draft for approval. Once approved, then we will continue working with the other sites. On the other hand, if you are not happy and satisfied of the initial draft, we will rework on the home page until you give us your approval.

After we complete the other pages, we will make use of the content that you provide. These contents would typically include the information that you want to share to your customers. Depending on the case, if you request us to create the content, we would also be happy to do it for you. After the website is completed, our designing team will then put it on the internet for implementation.

During the initial phase, it will be placed online behind a password. This will give you the opportunity to check whether everything goes well as you initially requested. Then, after completing a few steps more, the website will finally be implemented live. After going live, we also take care in submitting a sitemap to Google to have your site indexed.

Our expertise is based on our goal to have happy customers. Because of this, we make sure to provide the following:

Online Support – Ongoing online support is available even after implementation. We are just a phone call away if there is a problem with your system.

Content – Our team of professionals also have the capability to write content for you. If you have an existing content and you feel that it is no longer updated, we can edit them for you.

Design – We create effective and adorable website designs that you will surely love.

These are just some of the services that we provide. We also provide the assurance that we, at Mind for ananasmedia, only have your best interests at heart.